30 cặp từ đồng âm tiếng Anh khiến bạn hoảng loạn vì phát hiện mình luôn phát âm sai!!!!

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Giống như tiếng Việt, tiếng Anh có rất nhiều từ đồng âm, đồng nghĩa với nhau. Trong đó, có rất nhiều từ dù viết khác nhau nhưng lại có cách phát âm giống hết nhau: từ đồng âm. Có thể rất nhiều bạn đang phát âm sai những từ này, hãy cùng Eagle Education điểm danh qua khoảng 30 cặp từ đồng âm hay gặp nhất và sửa nếu bạn vẫn đang phát âm sai nhé!

1. Ad - Add /æd/

Ad (n): A short form of Advertising (Từ viết rút gọn của từ quảng cáo)

Add (n): to put something together with something else so as to increase the size, number, amount, etc. (Cộng, thêm vào)


2. Affect - Effect /əˈfekt/

Affect (v): affect somebody/something to produce a change in somebody/something (ảnh hưởng)

Effect (n): effect (on somebody/something) a change that somebody/something causes in somebody/something else; a result (kết quả)


3. Air - Heir /eə(r)/

Air (n): the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth and that we breathe (không khí)

Heir (n): a person who has the legal right to receive somebody’s property, money or title when that person dies (người thừa kế)


4. Allowed - Aloud /əˈlaʊd/

 Allowed (v): to let somebody/something do something; to let something happen or be done (thì quá khứ của Allow - cho phép) 

Aloud (adv): in a voice that other people can hear (tiếng to)


5. Be - Bee /bi/

Be (v): linking verb there is/are + noun to exist; to be present (Thì, là, ở)

Bee (n):  a black and yellow flying insect that can sting. Bees live in large groups and make honey (= a sweet sticky substance that is good to eat). (con ong)


6. Buy - By - Bye  /baɪ/

Buy (v): to obtain something by paying money for it (mua)

By (pre): near somebody/something; at the side of somebody/something; beside somebody/something (qua, cạnh, bởi)

Bye (also bye-bye, bye-bye) (informal) goodbye (tạm biệt)


7. Bare - bear /beə(r)/

Bare (adj):not covered by any clothes (trần trụi)

Bear (n): a heavy wild animal with thick fur and sharp claws (= pointed parts on the ends of its feet). There are many types of bear. (con gấu)


8. Board - Bored /bɔːd/
Board (n):  a piece of wood, or other strong material, that is used for a special purpose (cái bảng)

Bored (adj): feeling tired and impatient because you have lost interest in somebody/ something or because you have nothing to do (chán)


9. Check - Cheque /tʃek/

Check (v): check something (for something) to examine something to see if it is correct, safe or acceptable (kiểm tra)

Cheque (n): a printed form that you can write on and sign as a way of paying for something instead of using money (séc)


10. Cereal - Serial /ˈsɪəriəl/

Cereal (n): one of various types of grass that produce grains that can be eaten or are used to make flour or bread. Wheat, barley and rye are all cereals. (ngũ cốc)

Serial (n): a story on television or the radio, or in a magazine, that is broadcast or published in several separate parts (sự nối tiếp)


11. Dear - Deer /dɪə(r)/
Dear (adj): Dear used at the beginning of a letter before the name or title of the person that you are writing to (thân gửi)

Deer (n): Dear used at the beginning of a letter before the name or title of the person that you are writing to (con hươu)


12 Die - Dye /daɪ/

Die (v): to stop living (chết)

Dye (v): to change the colour of something, especially by using a special liquid or substance (nhuộm)


13. Farther - Father /ˈfɑːðə(r)/

Farther (adj): (comparative of far) at or to a greater distance in space or time (xa hơn)

Father (n): a male parent of a child or an animal; a person who is acting as the father to a child (cha/ ba/ bố)


14. Flew - Flu /fluː/

Flew (v): past tense of fly (thì quá khứ của fly - bay)

Flu (n): an infectious disease like a very bad cold, that causes fever, pains and weakness (cúm)


15. Flour - Flower /ˈflaʊə(r)/

Flour (n): a fine white or brown powder made from grain, especially wheat, and used in cooking for making bread, cakes, etc.(bột)

Flower (n): the coloured part of a plant from which the seed or fruit develops. Flowers usually grow at the end of a stem and last only a short time. (hoa)


16. Heal - Heel /hiːl/
Heel (n): the back part of the foot below the ankle (gót chân)

Heal (v): to become healthy again; to make something healthy again It took a long time for the wounds to heal. (chữa lành)


17. Hear - Here /hɪə(r)/

Hear (v): to be aware of sounds with your ears (nghe)

Here (adv): used after a verb or preposition to mean ‘in, at or to this position or place’ (đây)


18. Hole - Whole /həʊl/

Hole (n): a hollow space in something solid or in the surface of something (cái hố)

Whole (adj): full; complete (toàn bộ)


19. I - Eye /aɪ/

I (pr-n): used as the subject of a verb when the speaker or writer is referring to himself/herself (đại từ nhân xưng: Tôi)

Eye (n): either of the two organs on the face that you see with (mắt)


20. Know - No /nəʊ/

Know (v): to have information in your mind as a result of experience or because you have learned or been told it (hiểu/ biết)

No: used to give a negative reply or statement (không)


21. Knight - Night /naɪt/

Knight (n): a man of high social rank who had a duty to fight for his king. Knights are often shown in pictures riding horses and wearing armour. (hiệp sĩ)
Night (n): the time between one day and the next when it is dark, when people usually sleep (đêm) 


22. Our - Hour /ɑː(r)

Our: belonging to us; connected with us (của chúng tôi)

Hour: 60 minutes; one of the 24 parts that a day is divided into (giờ)


23. Mail - Male /meɪl/

Mail (n): the official system used for sending and delivering letters, packages, etc. (hòm thư điện tử)

Male (n): belonging to the sex that does not give birth to babies; connected with this sex (đàn ông, giống đực).


24. Meat - Meet /miːt/

Meat (n): the flesh of an animal or a bird eaten as food; a particular type of this (thịt)

Meet (v): to be in the same place as somebody by chance and talk to them (gặp gỡ)


25. Pair - Pear /peə(r)/
Pair (n): two things of the same type, especially when they are used or worn together (cặp đôi)
Pear (n): a yellow or green fruit that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom (quả lê)


26. Peace - Piece /piːs/

Peace (n): a situation or a period of time in which there is no war or violence in a country or an area (hòa bình) 

Piece (n): an amount of something that has been cut or separated from the rest of it; a standard amount of something (mảnh, miếng)


27. Son - Sun /sʌn/

Son (n): a person’s male child (con trai)

Sun (n): the star that shines in the sky during the day and gives the earth heat and light (mặt trời)


28. There - Their - They’re /ðeə(r)/

There (adv): used to show that something exists or happens (có)

Their: of or belonging to them (của họ)

They’re: short form of They are (họ là..)


29. Wait - Weight /weɪt/

Wait (v): to stay where you are or delay doing something until somebody/something comes or something happens (đợi)

Weight (n): how heavy somebody/something is, which can be measured in, for example, kilograms or pounds (nặng)


30. Where - Wear /weə(r)/

Where (adv): in or to what place or situation (ở đâu) 

Wear (v): to have something on your body as a piece of clothing, a decoration, etc. (mặc)

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30 cặp từ đồng âm tiếng Anh khiến bạn hoảng loạn vì phát hiện mình luôn phát âm sai!!!!

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